Getting to Know your Neighborhood

istock_000002782474xsmallBy Diane Schmidt, Guide
When we move into a new neighborhood, building or city block, we always wonder who are our new neighbors. Finding the time to introduce yourself is usually left to chance. After a move, there’s just so much to do that we often leave getting to know the neighbors until last, and more often than not, it’s something we never do. Knowing your neighbors, however, provides a safer community, one where people are looking out for each other. Besides, you might just make some really strong, long-lasting friendships.

Use Your Front Yard, Porch, Balcony
We’ll all busy and getting to know people in your neighborhood takes time. So, what I like to do is to mix our everyday activities into ones which may promote introductions.
Instead of hanging out in the backyard, why not spend more time in the front yard? Whether it’s reading a book or magazine, enjoying a glass of wine or trimming the hedge, being out in the open naturally leads to conversations with those passing by, coming home from work or leaving for the evening. This used to be the way houses were designed; a large porch in front for those warm summer nights where parents could sit and watch the neighborhood children (and their own), play. I think we need to take back our front porches and start rebuilding these social ties that are so desperately missing. Continue reading