What is Rental Assistance?

Dining RoomRental Assistance is a service provided from a resourceful licensed Texas REALTOR® who specializes in the multifamily rental market.

These services can include a personalized needs assessment, computerized list of available options tailored to a client’s needs, area tours by appointment, and assistance in completion of the rental process. Most of these services are provided at no charge to the client.

Who can benefit from Rental Assistance?Dining Room

Most people can benefit from Rental Assistance at some point in their life. Below is a list of reasons that rental assistance could be a helpful resource.

  • Permanent Renter
  • In between homes
  • Short term job assignment
  • Internship program
  • Home remodel/building a new home
  • Residency/fellowship programs
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Military Relocation